Statement of Support for G20 Resisters and of Continued Resistance Against Colonial Capitalism- AW@L

It has been a year and a half since the most massive police operation in canadian history targeted our communities and abducted our friends into the grips of the (in)justice system. In this billion-dollar ‘security’ operation, communities of activists and radical journalists were infiltrated, as the fortifications of corporate and government elite were intensified and guarded by their police. This attack on resistance is abhorrent, though it is also nothing new, and continues today with the ongoing criminalisation of dissent and the continued assault on Charter rights by governments, police forces, and judges.

It has been a year and a half since self-proclaimed leaders of the so-called free world met in luxury and penned the austerity programs which would be implemented against their citizenry and other inhabitants of the countries they rule. Tens of thousands of people, dreaming of a better world and those dedicated to social justice converged against this undemocratic process and filled the streets of Toronto with their love and rage and were met with baton strikes, police pens, and horse charges, snatch squads and in-house terrorisation, incarceration and isolation.

It has been a year and a half since the G20 tyrants fled Toronto to attack the social support structures in their countries, structures that have been built up over the past two centuries by those fighting for a more just world. And just as the streets of Toronto were ignited by resistance to this tyranny in June 2010, the streets and public plazas of cities around the world have been the site of unending protest since that time.  We are humbled in joining 515 years of resistance to colonial and patriarchal injustice on Turtle Island.

AW@L has been a favourite target of the state’s police forces since our first actions against Canada’s massive military industrial complex. Our profile raised further as we united in solidarity in Indigenous-led land protection, and as we exposed the nefarious aims of back-room elitist transnational agreements. In 2010 we participated in the protests against the myriad injustices related to the Vancouver olympics, and our members joined in organising for strong, self-sufficient communities and against the G20 summit in Toronto.

Our efforts have cost us dearly. 10 of our members were arrested in Toronto, 6 being charged with conspiracy as a part of the “Main Group Prosecution” (with 11 other community organisers). It has been a year and a half since we have been able to speak freely with our friends, a year and a half of continued police surveillance, attempted intimidation, and further arrests.

Today, 3 AW@L members and 3 other amazing organisers are sacrificing themselves on the altar of injustice by pleading to charges of “Counsel Mischief not Committed”, and we, the remaining members of AW@L, stand in solidarity with their decision and will continue to support our friends as they are locked away once more in the concrete and steel cages of the provincial prison system.

We do not see victory in this decision—victory in the kangaroo courts is rarely an option—but we do take solace that the unreasonable crown prosecutors could not move forward with their conspiracy theories or their abusive use of the law to further their repressive (fascist) agenda. Their attack has only strengthened our resolve to fight against colonialism, against austerity, and against the destruction of this land; we have strengthened and grown our community and our networks, deepened our analysis, and fortified our own organising.  Our resiliency is more complex than their violent simplicity.

Finally, we would like to express our deepest support for Ryan Rainville, Kelly Pflug-Back, Byron Sonne, and everyone else who is still a target of this sick system because of their beliefs, associations, and actions around the G20 convergence.

None of us is free until we all are free!

AW@L –

Grand River Territory

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