Statement of Support – CUPE 3906 Political Action Committee

The Political Action Committee of CUPE 3906 stands in solidarity with our friends and allies who have faced these spurious charges over the past months, and with all who have struggled against forceful silencing and the criminalization of dissent.  We believe these charges represent broader political attacks and we extend our deepest appreciation to those charged for all the difficult choices they have had to make and the care with which they have done so.
The events of the past year and a half have shown again what many of us have seen repeatedly and in other forms – that there is endemic violence in the state system of (dis)order and that justice is something that needs to be claimed directly and daily, but also that there is much work that continues and will continue to be done to challenge oppression and exploitation, and to build just ways of living together.
We thank those who have faced these charges for sharing their thoughtful words and for reminding us that the costs of our struggles are not borne in equal ways.  We also want to take the opportunity to echo their sentiments of support for those for whom state violences and criminalizations are a daily reality and a daily struggle.
Indeed, we will meet again and anew to continue these struggles.
In solidarity,
Political Action Committee, CUPE 3906

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