Statement by la Convergence des luttes anticapitalistes (CLAC) & No One Is Illegal-Montreal

Solidarity with all G20 defendants

We support the “open conspiracy”

Statement by la Convergence des luttes anticapitalistes (CLAC)
& No One Is Illegal-Montreal

November 22, 2011

La Convergence des luttes anticapitalistes (CLAC) and No One Is Illegal-Montreal stand in solidarity with all G20 Toronto criminal defendants. We salute in particular the so-called “conspiracy” defendants who’ve maintained their steadfastness in the face of abusive bail conditions — including house arrest and non-association. They were arrested on the eve of the G20 protests, in some cases at gunpoint, and have endured legal proceedings for almost 18 months.

Today, the remaining G20 “conspiracy” defendants had their charges resolved, with withdrawals in some cases, and prison time for others. We’re not concerned about guilt or innocence in the courts, but rather continuing to organize and mobilize together to effectively resist oppression and exploitation in our streets, neighborhoods & communities, as well as within the walls of jails and prisons. We look forward to when our friends and allies, can return fully to organizing in their communities, on their own terms. We respect their choices, both to actively organize to resist the G20, and in dealing with the legal aftermath.

If the resistance to the G20 was a conspiracy, it was an open conspiracy, comprised of thousands who stood together to resist economic, ecological and social injustice, and to dream and struggle for a liberated world. Criminally charging activists for their roles in that legitimate resistance is the criminalization of political organizing.

The billion-dollar Conservative government security operation in Toronto was a foreshadowing of their destructive policies, whether on crime, prisons, indigenous sovereignty, migration, the environment or the economy. The G20 Fortress Toronto itself was a microcosm of the police states, prisons, walls and fences that manifest themselves locally and globally.

In Montreal, we mobilized to bring hundreds to Toronto. Like others, we endured the Fortress Toronto police state. Several hundred were arrested, searched, harassed, detained and jailed, including community organizers affiliated with CLAC and No One Is Illegal. Ultimately, the bulk of the charges were dropped, leaving he Crown and police looking for scapegoats to justify their repression. The activists who have been jailed, and will be jailed, are those scapegoats. They represent dedicated grassroots community organizing efforts.

But, as long as there is economic insecurity and injustice, there will be social insecurity and resistance. In the face of austerity for the poor and marginalized while there are bailouts for the rich and powerful, we will continue to organize to fight back. As much as our resistance in the streets, our support networks have been an indispensable tool in resisting police and state repression. The G20 Toronto repression has meant the strengthening of those networks of solidarity and mutual aid, and making necessary connections between struggles. We look ahead to fighting and organizing alongside our comrades again.

– La Convergence des luttes anticapitalistes (CLAC):
– No One Is Illegal-Montreal:

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