In Carnage We Find Beauty

July 6, 2010

We write this statement in unwavering defiance to the ongoing attempt to silence us: those who militantly voice their opposition to this ecocidal, colonial- capitalist state, and the corporations that profit from its systemic violence. The state does not represent us, and we do not consent to its rule or its racist, patriarchal ‘justice’ system, which only serves to uphold the interests of the ruling elite. In regards to the ongoing scapegoating of anarchists in a debacle reminiscent of the McCarthy era: This ‘black scare’ will not work. Nor is it an exception. It is a continuation of the violence our sick society perpetuates everyday in attempts to legitimize its existence through the exclusion and brutalization of other bodies including those who resist its non consensual domination. Nor is the brutal police repression of this past week an exception. On the contrary, this repression is an illustration of the continual injustice marginalized communities face daily at the whims of the capitalist state. We have not forgotten Junior Manon, beaten to death by Toronto’s 31st station cops but two months ago yesterday.

Police, crown attorneys, corporate media, and most recently, the justice of the peace, have portrayed us as ‘masterminds of mayhem, chaos and violence.’ They refer to Saturday’s expression of rage as ‘the gruesome culmination of the fruition of our machinations.’ Never do they mention the real perpetrators of ‘the trail of carnage that turned Toronto upside down’–Uniformed thugs armed with guns, batons, sound cannons, tasers, and 1.2 billion dollars of other experimental toys of repression. This state-sanctioned mob, with a monopoly on the ‘legitimate’ use of force have been engaged in the beating, harassing, detaining, disappearing, and sexually assaulting of anyone in the streets fighting injustice, anyone so much as even bearing witness to this struggle on the Toronto streets, all the while they claim to serve and protect.

An aversion to these armed, dangerous and blatantly unaccountable forces of the corporate state has been framed in court in the language of mental disAbility. According to the courts, those who hate cops are engaging in anti-social and mentally unstable behaviours. We find this ludicrous. Hating cops is a perfectly valid and celebrated response to systematic, organized thuggery and repression.

To dissent by any means necessary against the systems that oppress us is not a sign of mental instability. Rather, this dissent is a brief glimpse of sanity in a world clearly gone insane. Building constructive alternatives is of course fundamental, but so too are the acts that tear down all that collaboratively oppress us. Shattered banks and police cars engulfed in flames, far from being a scene of carnage, are truly beautiful things. They mark a crack in the facade, a weakness in the dam that attempts to hold us from bursting through in an expression our overflowing love and rage, waves that nourish our communities in expressions of true freedom.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has asserted: “You won’t recognized Canada when I get through with it.”

We make the same claim. Until we are all free, none of us are free. The state can neither silence nor stop us. We will subvert the dominant order and the countless systems of oppression on which this order rests.

–The Southern Ontario Anarchist Resistance

p.s. Cupcakes literally refer to baked goods, not incendiary devices. Jokes are neither threats nor actions. Your treatment of this so called evidence makes a mockery of your own system of ‘justice’.


Please note that despite the Crown’s assertions not all those charged as the G20 Main Conspiracy Group see themselves as members of SOAR.

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