SK Hussan

I will not grieve Mandy, Leah, Alex, Peter, Erik and Adam going to jail for years.

I will not lament the past 18 months of “freedom” on bail where the 17 of us could live anywhere but in our own homes, could talk to anyone but some of our dearest friends, do anything but that which we truly love, say anything but know that it would be twisted and used against us.

I will not regret being made to sit on the sidelines as people rose, fought and were suppressed in Bahrain, in Syria, and in Dijibouti. I will not regret my inability to organize as Obama dropped a thousand drones on Pakistan, when the MV Sun Sea landed, when Toronto police murdered Charles McGillvary or when Daniel Garcia was deported.

I will not despair knowing that there is no justice in the courts, that the violence of banks, borders and brazen colonization may seem invisible some days but is always lurking beneath the surface.

I will rage. Rage at the forces aligned against us that become increasingly co-ordinated.

I will be furious. Furious at the collective injustices seen and heard that makes our repression seem gentle in comparison.

I will hope. Hope that every time they make one political prisoner, a dozen others take to the streets.

Hope that next time a person without full status puts themselves in confrontation with the law, a dozen others would again choose to go to jail rather than allow them to be deported.

Hope that each indignity pushed down upon upon us is met by a thousand fists pushing back up.

I will have joy. Joy in the unbreakable certainty that each day brings us one day closer to the kinds of worlds we want to live in. That we will live in.

Onward, relentlessly.

Aapi, Adriana, Craig, David S., David M., Ena, Faria, Fariah, Farrah, Hafsa, Harjap, Harsha, Jia, Karen, Laura, Liam, Mac, Mama, Maria, Maryam, Michaela, Mike, Mohan, Monique, Nazila, Paul, Sam, Samir, Stef, Sue, Swathi, TCMN, Toronto Street Medics, MDC, all my comrades in No One Is Illegal and the countless others that have supported me – thank you.


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