Pat Cadorette

Con•spir•acy /kənˈspɪrəsi/ noun
a secret plan by a group to do something harmful or illegal.
(From the classic Latin
conspiratio, meaning “agreement”)

What can I possibly say that isn’t already painfully obvious to anyone paying any attention at all?

Global capitalism is a death machine. It’s destroying and killing everything. Pillaging the natural world. Wrecking habitats. Killing off hundreds of animal and plant species every year. Throwing off the balance of life on this planet. It’s invading, breaking up and displacing human communities all over the world. Its endgame is, has always been, and will always be to concentrate “wealth” in the hands of the few to the detriment of the vast majority of global populations and the natural world. Simply put, the capitalist system is a devastating, ecocidal, biocidal global conspiracy.

The G8/G20 is a corrupt, illegitimate institution. A shady pack of crooks and impostors meeting behind close doors to decide the fate of humanity, of all living things and of the living planet. A cabal of despots, false democrats and generally awful human beings who are all equally subservient to global capitalism, corporate interests and the so-called invisible hand of the market. A bunch of sociopathic assholes high on the delusion of limitless growth. Miscreants so heinous and generally despised they have to spend hundreds of millions of public dollars every time they congregate just to protect themselves from the righteous anger of their own people. Simply put, the G8/G20 is a global criminal conspiracy.

The state is a corrupt, illegitimate institution. A playing field for national and supranational political elites and self-perpetuating dynasties of bourgeois and petit bourgeois crooks of all stripes. National governments are coteries of thieves and liars working only for themselves and other thieves and liars. The modern state’s first and foremost function is to enable private for-profit interests to accumulate capital. It perpetuates capitalist exploitation, privatises “wealth” and nationalizes losses. It passes laws and issues permits allowing corporations to destroy the Earth and fuck up countless living communities. And it buys guns. Lots of guns. And when the People rise up, it turns its guns against them. Simply put, the state is a violent conspiracy against the People.

The legal and penal system is a corrupt, illegitimate institution. The so-called “administration of (in)justice” is populated by legions of Machiavellian, co-dependent slimeballs. It’s just a tool for maintaining the prevailing dominant order, upholding oppressive systems and sustaining pervasive social inequities. It penalises the poor, the weak and the underprivileged. It institutionalises the angry, the lost and the exasperated. It criminalises and jails the dissident, the revolted and the revolutionary. Simply put, the legal system is an anti-social conspiracy.

The police is a corrupt, illegitimate institution. All cops are bastards. Their very existence is premised on protecting and serving the rich against all threats to the status quo. They are enabled by the state to do anything and everything to keep the people down, including encouraging and participating in criminal activities and using all kinds of dirty tricks. Surveillance, infiltration, provocation, constant brutality, and occasional murder. Nothing is beyond the pale for the pigs. And yet they enjoy quasi universal impunity, hiding behind the proverbial “blue wall of silence” and protected by intentionally ineffectual and half-assedly implemented public safeguards. Simply put, the police uphold a fascist conspiracy.

And let us not forget that the gatekeepers, mouthpieces and so-called leaders of polite progress, the reformists of all breeds promoting conciliation with the prevailing order, the complacent advocates of cosmetic change, peaceable rearrangements and empty gestures, as well as everyone and anyone who is doing NOTHING AT ALL to stop the death machine, are all conspiring to aid and abet the ongoing destruction of this world.

Sooner or later, history will show that all of us working and fighting against these abhorrent conspiracies were only seeking justice all along.

Fuck capitalism.

Fuck the G8/G20.

Fuck the state.

Fuck the legal system.

Fuck the police.

Fuck all the complacent windbags.

Fuck patience. Let’s just do the right thing.

And may this death system collapse swiftly so we can join together in building a better, more loving, living world.

In love and rage,


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