Monica Peters

Well, it has certainly been quite the 18 or so months, and now we enter into a new episode of g20 repression, where loved ones enter into custody. Many people have been coming up to me saying congratulations for being one of the 11 whose charges are getting withdrawn, but I do not feel celebratory about this. Yes, this is better than some worse case scenarios, but it fucken sucks that these beautiful people will be behind bars. The state is sending six amazing human beings to jail for trying to create a better world, for running uphill against this monster of capitalism. This society is sick, and is so set on killing itself that it incarcerates people who tell us that other ways of living are possible.

The roots of the word “conspire” come from the latin word conspirare “to agree, unite, plot,” literally “to breathe together,” from com- “together” and spirare “to breathe”. So, essentially, the charges were that we breathed together. And while this group of people certainly had a hard time agreeing on anything, we did indeed spend a lot of time breathing together, legal meeting after legal meeting. I have learned a hell of a lot from this process, and I look forward to ‘breathing together’ with many of the co-defendants in the future.

The need for support against g20 repression is not ending, but changing. There are still many who have outstanding charges, and we also need to fundraise to support those who are going to jail. There are a few places available to give money too, one of them is the Guelph ABC account:

The waves of occupy protests across turtle island and the rest of the world sends a message: things need to change. Let us take responsibility for this land base, for clean air, water and soil, for allowing the fires of revolutionary sprit to blaze in us all. Let us take responsibility for decolonizing our hearts and this land. Lets take care of the people around us. Another world is possible. See you in the streets.

Love and Rage,


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