Common Cause Statement of Solidarity with the G20 Defendants

Common Cause wishes to extend our solidarity to the six defendants of the so-called “G20 Main Conspiracy Group” who made the difficult decision to plead guilty to trumped up counseling charges in an effort to see the charges of eleven of their co-defendants dropped, and in order to help bring their shared year and a half-long judicial farce to a close. These eleven community organizers now join the ranks of the dozens of individuals who have already seen their bogus G20 conspiracy charges dropped. They will once again be able to associate with one another, and will once again be granted the right to plan and attend public demonstrations. This is a welcome and long over-due occasion for celebration – though their exoneration has come at a heavy price.

The security operation carried out in the years leading up to the G20, and during the summit itself was unprecedented in Canadian history, both in terms of scope and coordination. The Toronto G20 Summit owes much of its public notoriety to the rampant police-state tactics employed by the Canadian security apparatus, and the over 1000 individuals arrested during the course of the summit weekend. Less widely understood is the fact that the broader security operation was focused primarily on the disruption of anarchist networks, and the ties anarchists had forged with other marginalized and oppressed groups through years of shared struggle. Millions of dollars was spent infiltrating groups and activist communities in Ontario. Anarchists in these communities were the target of a nearly two-year Joint Intelligence Group (JIG) operation, coordinated between the OPP, RCMP, CSIS and the local police departments of several cities.

The six comrades now facing imminent incarceration were targeted because of the threat they represent to the capitalist class, their liberal democratic puppets and the bloated state security apparatus that does their bidding. As fellow anarchists, we share many of their visions and aspirations for a better world; we too reject the myriad social hierarchies that seek to divide humanity into caste systems of privilege and oppression; we too struggle for the abolishment of capitalism, prisons, borders and all forms of domination; we too see direct action as the most important tool for realizing our aims; we too dream of a world in which exploitation is consigned to the graveyard of history and where autonomy is a universal principle shared by all.

To the six individuals criminalized as the G20 conspirators – we assert that the only conspiracy you have ever been guilty of is attempting to bring anarchism into practice. It is a conspiracy we are proud to be a part of. We will do whatever we can to help support you inside prison, and look forward to your full return to the struggle.

Solidarity with Alex Hundert!
Solidarity with Mandy Hiscocks!
Solidarity with Leah Henderson!
Solidarity with Peter Hopperton!
Solidarity with Erik Lankin!
Solidarity with Adam Lewis!

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